Well i'm back with this new look! Wonder why hot & cold? oh well its summer obviously, but inside my office its freezing like north pole so what to wear huh? To survive the scourging heat of the sun, i decided to wore this light colored graphic since its sunny outside  & wore a cozy cardigan to protect me from the freezing temperature inside the office. Well just to share with you guys, i also have a favorite office dog named "elmo' a K9 cutie which everyone adores.If you were able to drop by our office in ortigas 
you will surely noticed his sparkling eyes and charisma. so cute lang talaga! parang gusto ko akin nalang sya!

though he was peacefully having a nap!hahahha so cute & just now while i'm uploading this,
i noticed the color of my look matches his skin well or sadyang color blind lang ako? so "kami na! lol .
Cloths i wore are all from oxygen, so buy yours there! so until next time guys

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