For a gloomy day its basic for everyone to put on dark garments like mine & since its freezing like north pole inside our office my basic solution was to wear all black from head to toe. So far i'd notice that i'm not too flamboyant when its comes to color choices anymore cuz i'm dealing with "vintage looking pips" corporate executives in formal suit & tie, funny isn't it? so i often limit my self looking neat but still fashionable as possible during workdays.

Secret to look neat but still fashionable is wearing up to two to tree colors like white top, black pant & white shoes, or you can do a black top, black pants white belt & a nice leather brown vintage shoes.You Can also do a printed floral top & dark pants but make sure it varies your preference. To have contrast & dimension blend it with simple yet edgy metal accessories.  For today i'm wearing OXYGEN tops, forever 21 pants, forever 21 cross necklace & black royal elastics shoes.  Belt sm accesories . Forgot my glasses at home though hope you like it, have a flamboyant day!

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