To escape the noisy life in metro we've decided to visit "anawangin" a remote island in zambales city. Take note we only spent max of P2000 pesos each for everything including 2 days meal, tent, bonfire & etc that are essential for the camping. Check this site for more package deal info's https://www.facebook.com/Iloveanawangin?fref=ts.

i forgot our bankero's name but his the one together with this small child. hehhehe 

my good friends kat & j-ann before we dance our fabulous self with the waves. lol

off-coarse my ootd. hahahha i only have this very small native bag during the trip with all my stuff ready for 2 days. I'm soo "boys-scout" when it comes to outing. I only bring important & necessary things like shirt, underwear,shampoo, short, battery & my camera for convenience. 

my matte black opi nails by pink parlour ph 

island hoping with kuyang bankero. hehhehehhee mabait sila guys! so finally we arrive after 1 hour.

 we also went to a falls at the hill which was challenging to climb anyways. sorry i don't have long shots cause i only have my 50mm lens with me.

beautiful sunset scenery........ 

bonfire with melted mallows.......yum. yum. yum. yum. 

off-coarse if you're planning to take home "pasalubongs" you can buy this items there max budget of P700. 

Trekking was so fun! make sure u wear sunscreen & light weight shoes. 

finally we reached the top! darna! 

last minute before we head off the island! it was such a memorable trip with no internet & mobile access for 2 days. plus you get to experience new things. If you're planning to visit this place make sure you don't tag along your pre-madonna friend. Hahahaha baka ma lokasya sa mga makikita nyang insect & animals if ever.  

bye! bye! until my next adventure guys! xoxo

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