I'm finally Back! This time we went to Davao City "Durian capital of the phil". Anyways before you enjoy my whole experience let me give you some tips on how to make the most out of your trip to Davao or any island you're planning to go, no 1: plan at least 2-3 months prior to your desired date 2: Design your itinerary according to everyone's preference "don't be selfish"  3: learn how to budget & don't pretend to be always rich & fabulous, remember you might run out of cash 4: don't bring to much "kikay kits" & learn how to re-use your cloths & stuff. 

All photos are unprocessed downloaded straight from my Sony Xperia Z. 

Luckily our manager gail found a very budget friendly dormitel, P188 per night only, its accessible to Davao market, clean, cozy & the best thing? its very very very  very very cheap! Learn more of green windows dormitel here WEBSITE

after the tiring fly't we went straight to feed out crying tummy, though be-careful not to order spicy foods in Davao cause its freaking hot & spicy! 6 of us were not able to finish our foods & end up with runny nose. Seriously!

sinigang is definitely a must-try, i totally forgot the name of this resto but one of the best sinigang i've had .

Our first stop, the famous skycycle located at Eden nature park & resort .Scary at first, but later on you will enjoy it so just pedal your way to the finish line while shouting very loud. More of Eden here: FACEBOOK PAGE

We survived!Next we went to by our "pasalubong's"so that we can enjoy the rest of our stay on the following days. I only bought some of the rare finds like lola abon's (premium brand for durian candies) including this printed wallets made by the Muslims of Davao. Almost forgot to share with you guys, be sure to buy only the golden brand pomelo. Trust me nalang ok! hahahha

Dressing up while waiting for my turn to shower. So gay! Well honestly Davao city is nothing less like manila, traffic & lightly polluted too, but its very fascinating to see cabs in pink, blue, green, yellow & the most fabulous deluxe black taxi , isn't it fun unlike manila.

Sm lanang is one of the most fabulous concepts of sm malls. Fronting the mall is Penong's,famous for their fresh & juicy barbecue a must try! Just clap your hands two times to get your orders, so funny right? check out the yellow posters 

Day 2: If you're afraid of the crocodiles don't be! A must visit place in Davao the crocodile farm. They have a lot of attractive activities to offer tourist such as my self. 

After sight seeing all of us went gaga! very excited to experience water rafting, its our first time so pasensya na po hahaha. Super fun! our most unforgettable experience in Davao city. 

epic fail moments captured by a professional rafter...... Super duper funny! and syempre di mawawala ang aking vogue pose. Its safe if you follow safety precautions,don't bring any gadgets & expensive accessories, if you do donate,nalang kay dirk yun yung sabi nya kasi mawawala rin yan sa mismong ilog. hahahahah. Check the video here:

If your planning to visit make sure to look for a tour guide named "Dirk Ople" ( the one who looks like harry potter on his paddle) Oh add nyo rin sya sa FACEBOOK hahahhaha He's very funny & energetic. Sumakit ang tummy namin sa kakatawa sa kanya for 4 hours. Thanks dirk!

after 4 hours of rafting its finally over. huhuhu You have to prepare P2000 pesos to experience this. Inclusion: 2 burned dvd copy of photos & videos for Facebook & instagram syempre! food & 2 bottled water 1,t-shirt, tickets to the butterfly house & fire dancing. Sulit diba? They also have pasalubong store if you want more.

Cheat night again. If you want to eat yummy cuisines with native ambiance & over looking view at the top of the hill, Taklobo is what you're looking for! Best sinigang & friend chicken in Davao ever!

Day 3: Island hoping to samal Maxima resorts & aquafun.

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you can do a lot of extreme activities here in maxima, the unlimited tarpaulin slide, clift diving, clift & baloon bounce, snorkling, jetsky & many more to make your trip sulit!

if you're not so good with balancing this will surely happen. hahahhaha

that's it! I'm Back to reality! Overall our Davao trip is unforgettable especially the water rafting. Until my next post. xoxo

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