Mt. Batulao "My first climb"

 Well well well too late to upload this one but better than never right? Just to give you a brief background Mt. Batulao is located in batangas near tagaytay so expect a cool whether which is a great pleasant escape from the busy & polluted city. Also the landscape of Mt. Batulao is quite remarkable so this is a good mountain to start your first like me! All photos are extracted only from my mobile phone so don't expect sharp and fabulous quality. On my next trip i will surely share something extraordinary.

Always expect the unexpected! While on our way up the rain poured so heavy so we need to seek refuge under few mini stores, lol "unexpectedly" located there and to cover those moments here are my fabulous selfies. As said on my previous blog during my Mt. Manalmon adventure i don't fancy trekking because imagine not having a regular bath for few days? hahahaha and look at my outfit, i was teased because i looked like a p.e student haha at least i'm color coordinated.

The rain is finally over, after a few hours of trekking we've reached our first stop "the camp" were all the fun and excitement begun "socials in short". All of them are new to me except for Mark & Marifie (the couple below my photo) who influenced me to join this particular group Jalaman's Adventure. The gal beside me brendy whom i just meet there, now almost everyday we're chatting on facebook making jokes and all. Hahahaha Honestly what's really interesting about this adventure was meeting new faces ,entirely odd from the daily people i hang out with like socialites, business men & media personel . Hey they are the real deal! well excluding someone jerk though. Most of them are equally crazy and outgoing like me so drink and throwing jokes started as early as 3pm until 10pm. After few hours BOOM! i was soooooooo drunkkkkkkkkkk already wahhhhhhh it was my first time and what???? at the mountain??? Oh well anyways it was unforgettable and quite an experience hahaha. 

here they are  TEAM Jalaman's Adventure hehehehhe 

At the peak, the rocky landscapes climax into beautiful formation. Fabulous!!! We had an overnight stay and resumed trekking 7am , reached the peak after 40mins. Just look at the playful clouds, amazing ins't it? But careful taking selfies. Over all it was a very great experience, positively insane and outrageous! 

No need to worry about foods because Jalaman's advenrture will prepare all the dirty works for you including tents, souvenir shirts and tags all in one for a pocket friendly budget!eka ng nila SULIT!  If  you're considering trekking on your travel list contact Jalaman's Adveture!

That would be all i hope you will enjoy this post. Until my next adventure!

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