We end up struggling going up and down because it was a rain or shine whether during our climb considering as well that its only a day hike without enough supply of water and etc. Anyways let me give you a brief background about mt. telakawa 

Billed as the next best thing along Crow Valley next to Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Telakawa is the alternative mountain destination for visitors who are up to a more extreme hiking challenge. Standing proudly at 630 meters above sea level, “Telakawa” literally means “a pot placed upside down” because of its shape. You may start your trek at the Aeta community of Dalig and possibly chance upon freshwater turtles at a creek on the way to the summit. Once at the top, get treated to a stunning view of the lahar landscape that both acts as a article from http://tarlac-adventure-trails.com/mt_telakawa.html

Our group went there not only to witness the stunning view of telakawa but mainly to share some goods for our pinatubo friends like school supplies, hygiene kits , clothing and candy treats which brought them smiles and tears. It was truly fulfilling to see each one of them happy and indeed it was a perfect birthday climb for me.  Aside from that i was very glad to meet new friends "team push it" along the way special mention to our organizer Sir Jojo Geronimo who made this event possible. We went home suffering from extensive muscle pain, few bruises but well it was all worth it! We survived! Kudos to team push it!

More adventures to come on the following months .Enjoy my photos guys!


This particular photo is from Josie Langres Bosito

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