Going back to the first mountain i climb. To give you an idea during may 2014 i was very hesitant to trek wearing unfashionable pair of high school blue jogging pants & tee, well who the hell cares? as long as im color coordinated no one can stop me. To recall, it was my first time getting DRUNK at the mountain, yes! its a fact because i usually take only one shot then i'm done.

 It was also my first time meeting every single one of them "jalaman team", truly a surreal gift from Mt. Batulao. Up to this moment while writing this,I did not imagine that the folks i imaginarily hate would become part of my gala, chika, lamyerda & daily life, why? " because mountaineering is not fashionable at all, not at all" but i'm used to it already. hahahaha

 Mt. Batualo is 2nd among the easiest mountain I've survived, First timers will surely enjoy the breath taking views & cold sunny weather main reason why I've always wanted to go back. Even though you're only 4-5 persons the trail is very easy so no need for a guide in my opinion. No need to bring foods & water as well cause along the way there are several sari-sari stores were snacks & refreshments are available. With a thousand peso budget which is more that enough for your food, transportation, you can also visit sky ranch via bus 20 mins away from the area.

This time i was with bea & brenda whom i meet on my first climb and few friends i saw that day. We started trekking around 9am & reached the peak around 10:30am after we started to decent around 12:30pm and finished our adventure around 2:30 which means we still have time to eat bulalo & visit skyranch, Amazing right? 
Thank you Mt.batulao for all the blessings! Until next time!

Watch full video of our adventure here: FACEBOOK

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