hi guys! how are you? This collection of photos are some of my unforgettable folios during my college years, FYI i'm still 20 guys! i was 3rd year  when i shot this project for our university pageant entitled COOLAI. It was actually my first time to hold a legit DSLR camera which scared the organizers. i don't even have legit artificial light so it was all ambiance people,

before all this were shot, i recall i was very confused of  the contestants outfit since its not what we've planned during the pre-production meeting, it was originally all gown and something flowy, so it took us 2-3 hours to style them again and finally we decided to do free style instead.

among all the contestant, brown was my favorite , even though the contestant was quite small she pulled it off with her marimar post! hahaha love it! 

 for the styling, i think i did great for this army inspired outfit! the hat, accessories and the cargo pants was mine which complements the contestants skin tone very well.

i personally love sky blue color, so majority of the background was the sky, obviously since it was outdoor to make it stand out.

i posted this before but deleted it since it doesn't have a write up, It was my dream to become a photographer, i even auditioned as photographer for mega fashion crew season 2 unfortunately i did not make it, hahahhahhahaha anyways thats life! right now i'm a marketing officer at PINK PARLOUR PH hahhaha so no plans yet! i want to do a lot of things well i hoped you enjoyed reading! until next time! the flamboyant boy:NINO

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