This look was clicked in Makati roads while it was closed due to a big concert.I was there with a friend,since its an opportunity, grabbed it! we finished taking photos for almost half an hour. success! hahahahhah
this look is basic, i always wear red pants when i'm in the office, i have 3 red  and 3 blue pants which people think i randomly wear 3 time a week or more. funny right?
We'll i can't get rid of red since a lot of my cloths and stuffs are dominantly red, so i decided to entitle this look "devil wears red not Prada". i remember the last time i wore this my mom told me that i look like a version of LADY GAGA which she believes an Illuminati, scary though i still love GAGA.
this denim mash-up was definitely my signature style except for the leather shoes which was 5 years already, check out my old looks. When i was in college i used to wear cloths with ripped jeans, my prof complements me as a LEE model. wow ha? so i'm forever denim not 21, hahahah anyways i'm still 20!
this look was only for fun, yet i posted it, as you can see a lot of my recent photos are not that "high res" as i'm only using mobile. hoped you have fun reading my flamboyant life. 
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Until next time

the flamboyant boy!

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