hi fellas! how are you? i bet you're fabulously fine! lately i became very busy with work so i rarely post something even at Facebook & Instagram @ncalimag if you're following me! though since my loads where lighten up this month i will try to update weekly with more interesting post not just vein photos of my self hahhaahha.

Just to let you know guys that Pink Parlour Ph will launch its new deluxe spa treatments anytime soon, lucky me cause i'm the first one to try & be treated like a real princess oppppsssssss i mean prince which was called Energizing Foot Revival Spa for php 900 only that includes hand & foot massage. 

to give you an overall idea about my princess like experience i will share with you the step by step procedure! First they Soak my feet in warm soapy (bubbly) water. followed up by a REGULAR pedicure procedure to trim, shape, cut cuticles, buff nails and bottom of feet.

 Third they Scrub my feet fabulously up to the lower legs with a TEA TREE SCRUB which smells so good and relaxing .

 After they Apply TEA TREE MINT MASK on my feet, bottom and up to lower leg wrapped with cling wrap up to 10 mins leaving a cool & minty feeling on my feet!

Since my feet is still on its fabulous hydration hahaha massaging my hands up to elbow using ALOE VERA MOISTURIZER was quite relaxing. i can say that my money is worth it! After 10 mins they remove cling wrap, using hot towel 

 i thought it was all done but they said they will massage my feet up to knees with ALOE VERA MOISTURIZER again for 15 minutes, so i was like hey! that's really awesome for 900 pesos they were able to do it all for me & most importantly i enjoyed & was relaxed for almost 1 hour & 30 mins wow! after they finished off by thoroughly cleaning nails with nail polish remover and water,  

Well guys its only 1 of the 3 deluxe spa treatments that you all must try! i can say my experience was totally awesome without being bias and after 3 hours i still feel the coolness of the mint mask that was applied on my feet!

for more info's about pink parlour visit there website @ www.pinkparlour.com.ph
you can also follow there social media accounts like

xoxo! that ends my super flamboyant experience!

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