Well guys rainy day season is still on so i need to prep up & be wet ready! hahahhaha I've been really obsessed with this black leather jacket i bought from mint since its very me, water proof & very convenient for the season. Even though its all month gloomy i don't want to feel like it, so i wore these strip dominantly blue polo & a violet female skinny jeans pants "sorry i'm a bit color blind so i hardly recognize whether its blue or violet". Don't forget about the sailor belt, I've searched an entire mall just to look for it & fortunately i found one from sm accessories which really suits my daily navy blue colored attires. 

I was hesitant to wear the skull bracelet since I always pair it together with my skull necklaces however it complemented the jacket so I guess it’s a good combination at all, what do you think?
that's it! until next time 

The flamboyant boy! xoxo!

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