Running late to post this since i'm a busy gal , anyways i just want to share my experience during my trip with an ex-boss 
(lets just keep her unknown as she might be shocked if her photos are exposed on my blog) BOREDOMNESS! what lead us to this trip!

before heading to no where, we went to get some stuff at my-ex boss condo and took this photos while the car was running so fast realizing that i'm lucky enough to live & have what i have. Isn't it? 

Very funny cause we did not plan anything, location, where to go & eat, we're clueless at all! That's why thanks to our phones which have internet access from globe (acting like a sponsored blogger) easy to search near tourist areas from Google maps. After a min we've finally decided to visit to Subic. Here we go but unfortunately its already late so we need rest & stop over Angeles Pampangga.

I want to share a OMG incident guys. We went to eat at this local pampanga resto & asked the waitress for our orders "miss anung specialty nyo?" the waitress said "sir specialty po namin UNLIMITED RICE!" OMG! seriously? So we just ordered the bolalo since its raining so heavy. Later my ex-boss asked for a drink so i told her " mag bottomless ka nalang!" and then the waitress reacted "sir yung bottomless UNLIMITED PO YAN" another omg! seriously! it was really funny & unforgettable for both of us. Sorry girl kung sino ka man ang ganda mo pa naman. After having this yummy bolalo we went straight to the so-called "SIN CITY" in pampanga full of Koreans & Americans with Filipina sluts, no more, no less no photos shared didn't like what i saw.

After "SIN CITY"  we head off to rent a room at HOTEL V owned by
a gasoline station Flying V which is every sulit! for 12hours P900 lang included with jollibee breakfast, not bad right? 

the following day we went straight to Subic & i took these awesome locations. I was also crazy enough to force my ex-boss to snap some "selfie" photos taken at the middle of slex which is quite dangerous & not allowed by law. Luckily the patrols thought we run out of gas, so we only acted strange & sorry " sorry we don't know that it was forbidden. hahahahha Our throats were saved! 

After we reach tree top park, we challenge our selves to try the superman which made me pale for shouting so loud! No documentations taken cause its only the two of us & the booth there charged 650 pesos for a blurred photo. Crazy!  

Our last stop, the Ocean Adventure area the bought pasalubong at the royal duty free shop! Waaaalahhhh welcome back to manila after challenging our selves for another boring weeks ahead! You guys must have a trip to no where experience too! try something new & explore Philippines. Until then mwah!

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