Well frankly speaking VMA 2013 was not soo fab compare with the previous years. Beyonce was not around, Rihanna did not perform & i'm not a JT fan. Though to share my thoughts here are the best dressed & the worst moments ever in the history of VMA "for me".

1st on my list are the Smith siblings & Selena Gomez

Willow pulled-off those loose jumper paired with high-cut black wedges, very rocker chic plus her new hair was awesome, "she's all grown up baby!". The vintage eye-wear & curly top of Jaden was cool! And if you're looking for an elegant yet playful gown check out the Italian versace piece on Selena, i think every girl would love to wear it do you agree? Equal grade for both.

2nd Rita Ora

i have not yet seen Rita so far wore such piece not until yesterday with this very fabulous furry 
wedding-like -gown and the her hair, stunning! i can feel a bit of Rihanna & Beyonce vibe on her look, she nailed it!

3rd is no other than the mother monster her self with 5 costume transformation 

 Gaga is forever a show stopper, starting from her classic black gown , her flamboyant priestess opening performance outfit
up to her electro-pop look which was so entertaining , it reminded us all on how people started to recognize her  as an artist ,up to her
nude shell tops & floral bikini which made some of the critics unhappy. But overall her comeback & performance deserves an applause!
watch here performance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q7nsycfNmQ 

last on my best dressed list, One Direction!

Rare for a red carpet event to wear just shirt & jeans but on top of that these boys were confident enough to flaunt it!
Tie & suit are old fashioned already guys!See the love will tear us apart shirt on Luis? isn't cool?
ahahahh  so now let me share some of the worst & boring moments at the vma

1st on my list is the reincarnated child-star who turned into a "not-so-fab-bitch-gaga"

I think everyone was devastated & demoralized on her slutty performance rubbing her butt to robin's tits. Nyay! "and we dance all night to the worst scene ever!" new composition of one direction, she was trying so hard to be a dirty bitch & hairrrrrr was not likable at all. 

Guess what? it looks like one direction looked at the wrong direction & its not just after earth for the smith's its literally the end of the world for Miley's performance. Also his partner Liam Hemsworth was not happy about it, oh no what will happen to her now?hmmmmmmm?

there's more! "hey Taylor, look at me" by Miley oh no! i don't wanna see it cover me Selena" Taylor swift covering her eye ahahahah

watch her full performance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgSQSQ6D16o

2nd booorinngggggggg performance of kanye west!

while watching it, i literally prayed that hopefully it well end quickly, its very creepy, boring 
& non-sense. Why is he hiding on the shadows anyways, does he have scar on his face? ahahahah Just curious?

3rd Katy Pery's fab performance which turned out to be lip sync?

huh? its the fact that disappoint me most
i love her songs but lip sync during her new single launch was not ideal. Whatcha think?

4th Taylor swift "behind her award"

oh yes Taylor! everyone's quite aware of your short-term boyfriends which includes Harry of one direction, but there's no need to publicize winning over an award because of it right?  That ends my list guys! I did not wish to offend anyone, its just my opinion so any violent reactions or comments drop below. Have a nice day! Hoping for a fab EMA this year!

Credits to the owners of the photo.

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