I went pigging out at SM Mall of Asia yesterday Sunday & found this very intriguing dessert place.
Cold Stone, a foreign brand who just opened few weeks ago. I can really tell that its entirely different from the brands aligned to its category, not referring to the ice-cream products alone but the whole retail experience it self.

Upon entering the store you will notice all happy & motivated crew randomly tongue twisting while each one of them are soo busy attending their guest. For me its very entertaining, its adds unique identity to their branding & what they do matters, it attracts potential customer "like me" passing by to engage.

Right after choosing your flavors, they will scoop it, toss in the air & someone will catch it holding your cup on the other side, very unusual serving right? But if it falls, the ice cream will go straight to the bin & its wasted! "OHHHHH" Can even you imagine that? but its fun & it keeps the customers laugh all the time which is a very good strategy indeed!

Well i guess it paid-off seeing their in-store traffic very crowded , its a huge success for a start up so forget about the wasted ice cream.

And so i end up choosing 3 different plain flavors of Salty strawberry, cream cheese & the cheesy caramel. (i hoped i'm right about the flavors) YUMMY! It made me smile while the cream melts on my tongue hearing happy laughs from other customers, i can say its really one of my best retail experience ever!

And take note! Be sure to try at-least 5 flavors before paying at the counter. They have variety of mix & match 
& create your own thingy too so you can go there every weekend & eat from one to sawa ahahahha. 

From 1/10 i will rate them 9, display needs little improvement same with the arrangement of the chairs for 
the guest to seat comfortably,asside from that its perfect! Yay! So if you're an ice cream lover go & visit them now. They are located at Serendra & Sm Mall Of Asia . Until next time! xoxo

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