After a dramatic hip accident during her born this way ball tour , the queen of all monsters is finally back with a new album cover ART POP.  Unlike her super flamboyant the fame & born this way records, this year gaga launched a fresh new look wearing only a 10inc monster shoes & a straight long coffee brown hair covering her curves. 

We all knew that Gaga played a big role in the music & "art" fashion industry. She displayed a very unique sense of style & artistic visual representation of pop music which made the audience jaw drop with her meat dress & lead some of our biggest names today Nicky & Kesha to discover their own sense of style as well.

Are you also even curious why gaga is seating on a microchip designed monster chair? If you happen to hear her first released track Applause which already gained 8m plus views on you-tube within 2 days, we're all pretty sure that the lady will be topping the charts again with its very futuristic & electro popping beat.There's also rumors that she will be collaborating with the man who made electro disco music popular David Gueta. Well to sum up i think gaga defines POP as ART too. All the tracks on her new album will probably be a mixture of futuristic electro beats together with her own artistic executions. 

I love gaga cause she's a real deal! She's very true to her passion & ideas which is why she is loved & hated by critiques mostly religious people ahahahaha. Hey lady gaga is not Illuminati if you truly understand her music videos. She's very provocative,that's a fact! but if gaga happened to be just a normal sexy-bitch-girl in a glamorous dress will you even buy her album? no right? So lets just go with the flow, have fun & prepare to be "gagatize" by her art popping album. Very much excited for her VMA performance happening next next week! Yay! share your experience with me! " i live for the applause, applause applause, i live for the applause lause live for the applause lause." xoxo

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