Fanned of famous brands such as Louie Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada & etc, Why buy this brands? To answer it first for you, yes! it creates status for you correct ? Don't lie! After reading almost 25 definitions online this sentence summarized it all. "Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior. extracted from From Wikipedia. 

This question goes to ALL of you who's reading my blog right now. Do you really think you're fashionable enough if you're wearing a million worth gown or suit? for violent reactions i know you will say YES! that includes my self too OFF-COARSE! You might even think that i'm just being negative or insecure. Branded stuff are occasional, we don't really wear it not unless we have an important event to attend. Also a very good examples are celebrities & fashion bloggers who change outfit daily who wears it once or twice leaving it lonely on their closet after.  Brands are very aggressive & powerful, they blind us to commercialization & change our buying behaviors & attitudes agree? Shall we blame the business sectors then? Hahahahha i'm a marketing guy so i can really tell. If not tell me that you don't have Gucci bag? you're plane shirts are not designers? hmmmmm Are you really buying that expensive gadget because you knew how it works? or simply just to own the brand? I always ask this questions to my self before shopping.

I do prefer people who buy designers item because they find it fashionable & most specially if it fits them vs those who purchased to foretell the world about their status. I would actually buy a Louie Vuitton Bag if its for me but its not, i'm just too flamboyant to have an elegant looking bag so no! at Baka di ko lang talaga afford for now ahahahah.

"I do think that people mistaken the power of brands and don’t understand that there are many negative sides to buying a brand. Brands can say a lot about the person sporting them and people will look at you in a different way as well. But it’s not a bad thing to have designer items, but I’d like to caution people to understand why they are buying brands and actually live by it." Anonymous Blog Don't you think so too? 

"Lets now move on to smart fashion buys" How to be fashionable considering your budget, its availability & How to be practical?

1. If budget for clothing matters, as fashionista my first tip for you is to buy convertible items with good quality. 

Go for convertible items for you to save space In your drawers & most importantly save money for another piece. These are easy to find items, you can search for it anywhere.

2. Search for sale items online or go window shopping first before buying it. 

honestly i buy my stuff during sale season & i'm really picky for good quality. Check out oxygen clothing cause they often have sale. 

3. If you can't afford a designers piece. Go to the thrift stores cause they have a LOT!
check this blog to uncover the top ten common misconception about thrift stores.

this link will also show you how to disinfect before wearing it!

Well i do hope that this will help you when buying branded items. The key  for every fashionista outthere is Confidence ! "just walk walk fashion baby, flaunt it, work it, move it baby!" AGREE? Stay online ! Stay fab ! XOXO

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