I believe that being fashionable is not just about the brands you're wearing, hence its the style & attitude that gives it an overall impact.  Today i'm wearing this very comfty over-sized graphic shirt matched with black skinny jeans. Would you believe that i bough all this pieces for less than P500/$12 only? 

I always shop at SM department store since i'm able to pick a lot of unique & cheap items that's very worth it & at the same time budget friendly. The shirt is from "coco republic" for its sale price at P200, picked my jeans at surplus for P200 & the snake bracelet for P100, so overall i only spent P500. Very huge savings compare to my normal monthly shopping budget of 2k plus. So here's a preview of my look book.

i really love how the sea side sunset print was layouted on the shirt because it can stand alone without any cardigans or accessories. It was my first time wearing such piece & i totally love it! At this point i think i will continue more of buying graphic over-sized shirts & adapt it as my new line of style.

Not to mention that i bought this bracelet from divisoria market place, what i admire about it is its flexibility from a bracelet to necklace & headpiece. As said on my previous blog, i will rather buy a convertible items vs one time use garments.  

I want to leave you with a quote from Donatella Versace " Luxury is your emotion & desire which are rare" 
i hope you like my fashion for less look. Until next time

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