Its very interesting how we can flip garments into several styles, for this post i will present you with 3.  First one is called " pre-madonna". A fortune teller inspired technique for the headpiece with leather jacket on. With this look you will feel so glamorous cause your movements are limited to keep your posture & jacket stay behind the back.

The second look is called "street gal". This look is very trendy, the leather jacket is tied up on my hips & the convertible headband was flipped into a new style. Its my favorite among all 3 looks since its very comfortable, its very me & you can just run & walk as fast as you want.

For the 3rd look."The basic" if you're tired of dressing up for a moment & you tend to feel like you just need to be light we all have those moments right? then a basic shirt & pants will do as long as its color coordinated. If you go for basic look make sure both have same color palette or black & white, red & white make sure its has contrast . hahahah

I need to compliment this skype shirt by 5/5 i bought from sm department store "culture". until next time guys! xoxo

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