A short recap of my weekly September outfits plus extra scoops of #cosmo69. No more waiting, here you go!  First on my list, my fashion for less outfit

2nd is my flipping the looks outfit, one of my favorite topic please browse my previous post for more details. hehe

Posting this 3rd outfit sooooooooooo late because i was so busy like hell working when one of my boss arrived miles away from weekdays to weekends for 2 straight weeks. Anyways today i deserve to a BIG break & be free to do my "thang" miley's accent lol before i go back to reality. hahahaha

My 4th outfit was the most memorable among all. I wore it during Cosmo Bash 2013 at the world trade center. I love this outfit since the shorts is my first ever successful DIY  project & its very comfortable.

Which one was your favorite? Well if you missed out the bash here's a short i meant long hahaha recap for you ladies & beks! I will not add caption baka ma judge ako ng mga pa-virgin lads. Now ladies & beks serving your dinner! ahhahahahaha enjoy!

that's it ladies & beks! congratulations to all yummy university students & professors of #cosmo69. hahahah Hope you liked it! i know you do right? hahahahah Until next time. 

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