If you are having a hard time pulling off a specific office attire, here's my answer. "Keep it simple yet detailed!" Well not every office staff are allowed to wear smart casual outfit. Consider yourself lucky if you're working in a fashion, advertising industry or beauty brand like me, even if its pajamas & tees the entire week its fine, 
but you don't want to look unglamorous right? . haahahaha 

So how to pull it off? typical office looks are boring right? so be bold, make a statement & add contrasts to your outfits. Go for a striking print top which you can easily mix with a black jacket, a nice belt & nice fit plaids or denims. For the bag off-coarse you can either wear a handbag which are very trendy nowadays like my envelope textured bag or leather sling to keep your look classy but still presentable for business meetings.  

For the shoes you can go with black or classic brown. Don't over do & try not wearing neon shoes since its"office attire". Just to share with you guys only few knew that i resigned from my first job as designer because my Italian boss said i'm too flamboyant, everyday i wear different colors from blue, red & yellow & guess what? its all neon. He said i should stop wearing those, so i resigned! hahaha (now you know why m blog is entitled the flamboyant style?)

We'll i hope you enjoyed reading this segment.
All photos are directly from my mobile phone. Until Next time! 

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