Hope your doing fine darling! Anyways i recently found this newly opened desert & coffee place inside the mega fashion hall ground floor located at the sm mega mall "my second home just so you know" since its near my place hahaha. Newbie in food reviews so bare with me guys!


Chez Karine offers variety of pastries such as Pudding, cakes & their best seller macaroons, oh forgot to mention that they also sell cookies & pana cotta's. Feeling Hungry already right? Lets talk about their pudding. Well its kinda cool cause it come's with a cute & classy glass packaging, fortunately it taste perfection! The sweetness? just right, its very soft & the caramelized part below gives an extra twist. For me Muscovado flavor is a must try ! For the cupcake i usual don't prefer bland taste but this one worked well, again the sweetness is just right & no "umay" moments in fairness for both pudding & cupcake ha! oh diba pak na pak!

Finally every gossip girls favorite, opsss including "beks" narin! MACAROONS.... I choose lemon, strawberry & pistachio each one has a unique & yummy taste although for me pistachio is the best & A must try! Haven't tried their coffee, cookies, pana cotta's & cakes yet since i have particular brands for this category but will try on my next visit. hahaha yay!

To sum up Chez Karine is good ,not your average joe. Im sure everyone will love it! For complete menu like them on FACEBOOK . Until next time ladies & gents! xoxo

All photos from mobile phone only. hehhee

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