Last week my friends & i went to Project pie located at Shaw boulevard. Its all over instagram lately so we were 
intrigue & syempre need matikman ang uso ng mga lola mo. Craving already?

Oh well lets get started. How to design. built & eat your own pizza? Fall in line the counter area just like other retail stores & choose everything from the base meat, toppings & additional spices. "the staff will do the dirty work off coarse not you" Your only job is to choose, decide the amount whether to put more cheese or more ham so its really up to you, after its baked they will call your name & walah ready to dig in & eat na. This is sulit most especially for all pizza lovers. They also have set menus for " the not so inventive type" lol sorry to say this hehehe . For me since its our first time i really wanted to create my own & use my italian baker instinct pak! mama mia!

I love cheese so i instructed them to add more & the result? My very own design named "pizza nini". To describe her, she was yummy & juicy because of the thick amount of ham i designed with 2x cheese layer but super spicy. I did not imagine that it will turn out sizzling hot, but i enjoyed it anyways! I was satisfied & i will surely go back & design more.

Look at them, so happy while eating including our fabulous selves. 

And off-coarse your food trip is not complete without a legit selfie & wakky photos. Project Pie also have a photo booth inside. I love the interior, its really cozy & creative so its fun really fun eating there.

For more info visit there Page at https://www.facebook.com/projectpiephilippines .
Until next time guys! xoxo

Photos are downloaded straight from my mobile phone.

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