hi guys! last week we went to baler "surfing capital in the Philippines" oh well as seen on my photos below beach views are breath taking, super calm & relaxing specially the beach resort. Although what i really love about baler is surfing off-coarse! Its our first time and i feel like a semi pro already "feeling like lang". By the way all my photos are uploaded from my mobile phone sony xperia z a must have a must say cause its convenient for beach getaways.

 If you don't have any surfing gears you can rent for P350 inclusion of surf board, rush guard together with a surfing instructor good for1 hour. cheap deal right? here's our photo, me on the center. 


but first lemme take my selfie on the rustic old bridge using my mono pad. hahahahha 

aside from surfing you can also visit mother falls, 40 mins hike before you reach it, sporty & fit adventurers will surely want to visit this place.

i guess that would be all, i really enjoyed this trip & we will surely be back for bigger waves. until next time


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